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So… today I have launched – a WriteFreely instance that should remain open to anyone that conforms to the few rules we have here.

I’ve mentioned that we should remain open to anyone, but registration seems to be closed – it is intentional. Unfortunately, allowing registration in default WriteFreely installation means a lot of spam bots that could have impact on this instance’s reputation and open it to potential abuse of another kind. Additionally, it would require me to dedicate a significant amount of time to moderation and I believe this time could be used better providing support for the existing users & working on improving the overall experience of using the website.

So how do I register?

The best option currently is to write me an e-mail to accounts@[this domain] providing your desired username – I will then set up a Single Sign-On (SSO) account that you would be able to use to create your blog here. In the future, the same SSO account could be used for other services that I might provide.