How do I create an account?

Currently there's no option to create an account yourself. Please, e-mail me at accounts@[this domain] providing your desired username, so I can create an account for you – you'll get the login details via e-mail.

What services do you offer?

Since we have Single Sign-On set up, after your account is created you'll get access to:

Please note that your accounts aren't created automatically, so you'd have to sign up with your SSO account (instruction will be e-mailed to you after account creation).

Of course, I could add more services in the future.

How do I add pictures to my post?

WriteFreely doesn't support adding pictures directly to posts yet, but no worries! You can insert images using markdown notation:

![image alt text](image url)

Images have to be hosted somewhere – you can use one of the existing image hosting services. Alternatively, you could create private posts on our Mastodon and use direct links to the images here.